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geez, life has been just up and down lately. happy. sad. happy. sad.… - justbehappy [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jun. 8th, 2004|08:09 pm]
[mood |weirdweird]

geez, life has been just up and down lately. happy. sad. happy. sad. happy. mad. depressed. excited. its all a blur. to sum things up...

yesterday-intro day with the nannying family..went well..had soccer game...they are #2, and we beat them 4-1. i scored. with an assist by jessica jones. woo. it was amazing. i was sooo out of it though. didnt deserve the goal. but heck thats 3 goals in 4 games. not bad. but, i did lose my baby blue soccer ball. looked every where after our game.the coaches helped me look, didnt find it. maybe someone took it for me. who knows. i wanted to cry. i just got it. it was so nice. so new. so mine. oh well. i'll have money to buy a new one i guess. or i can use ivans for the season i guess. i'm positive i cant play fall. which makes me want to cry and rip my hair out. 3 practices a day or not. varsity is my life goal. its what has kept myself from cutting or killing myself when im down. its the one thing i had to do. but its no longer happening. so i need a new reason for life. so i'll find something! ahaha.

today was the first full day of work. it was...good..it was nannying...it was boring in the morning. i had to drive the boy, ryan, to basketball camp at benilde. we just stayed out there and went to target and waited around, but tomorrow kelly will probably stay home, and i probably wont stay there. so yeah..then i made frozen pizza for lunch, and then ryan had a friend over, so they played playstation for the hour limit he has..and kelly and i played guess who and battle ship outside in the sun, and i have a massive, nasty, farmers tan on ONE arm. ahaha. i'm going to get rid of it. haha. then kelly rode her bike to a friends house, and then i sat outside and read my book, and then...they came back and i blew up their new slipe n slide. hard work. lots of air. ahh. it ended up being broken, a tube or soemthing..it was a special edition..nevermind...but kelly, kate, robbie, and ryan, all went thru it for a while. it was funny to watch. the water was FREEEZING. ha. then the friends left and we hung out. it was a good time. tomorrow i think we will get home after basketball camp, have lunch..not sure..sanwiches?..and then try and go to a movie. maybe they can each bring a friend. i want to see harry potter, i'm sure they will too.

drews baseball tea (breck, haha) played a double header today, and the deal was if they won 1 out of 2, they play again thursday, and if they win 2/2 they go to state. well fuck yeah they are going to state. they won both games. i CANT WAIT. drews gotta be soooo happy. and the state games arent till a week from friday. so hes got time to rest that precious arm of his.hehe.

germany meeting at church tonight. world youth day.im almost positive i'm going. lisa was there. she said goodbye to me. thank you.

thats all. i havent talked to tim since forever. :( nothing i can do. good night.

From: justbehappy
2004-06-08 06:30 pm (UTC)
i meant baseball TEAM* sorry
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