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yesterday was amazing - justbehappy [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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yesterday was amazing [Jun. 18th, 2004|10:32 am]
[mood |everything mixed into one..]

yesterday was a GREAT day. it was wonderful. i drove the kids to basketball and whatnot in the morning. and they got new carpet put in, so furniture was EVERywhere. and they didnt want us home, so we went out to lunch at culvers in plymouth. and jessica called and met up with us. and then we ate, and went back to their house, and dropped ryan off, and kelly, me and jessica went to ridgedale to go shopping for kelly. next week she is going to a hollywood birthday party..so she dressed up liek reese witherspooon. sluty. pink skirt from libby lu, pink shirt was limited too., earrings from the icing...it was good. and a white fuzzy hat. and a white boa. shes so adorable. we had fun. then we went back to their house, i got paid, like 240 i think, and then 31 for gas! yeah! and then they let me leave at like 3, so jessica and i got on 494 and then 94 for like 50 minutes and went to st. cloud to watch the guys baseball game. go break!! the won their first game yesterady which was at 12:30. SOO fun. drew pitched. everyone said he did well. im sure he did. well, we got to the game and watched some other teams finish up their game. we ran into tyler which was funny. and we kinda got to stand and listen to him and this other girl talk to case. hes such a sweetie. hes always so nice to me. so then jo jo met us and we went and sat with them and after about an hour of warming up, we finally got the game started. it was like an hour late. but oh well. they were winning right away. for the first 3 innings though, it was 3 outs, 3 outs, 3 outs...no one was hitting. it was insane. but the breck stepped it up..drew got another home run. 8th this year. hell yeah. he played awesome. they all did. they won like 9-2 or something. or
9-1. it was the best day ever. it was like a road trip up there with jj. we talked abotu stuff. it was a good time. i love her so much for going with me. like no one gets how much it means to me that im there. its my way of trying to show i care. maybe its strange. sometimes i think about it, and im not even there for HIM. im there for the team. tj. case. their catcher number 9. :) david tompson. all the guys i know and recognize. i enjoy it for them. its so exciting. its what they've worked for all year. they deserve it. and it makes me sooooo happy to see them. i dont know why. its so werid. its just baseball. but anyways.... the dilema begins now...there is another game today. i think its for 1st and 2nd. im not postitive. but jj's boyfriend bobby is coming home from england today, so she cant go with me. and i dont think she would want to anyways. and jo jo is going with TJ's parents, and for some reason cant take me along with them. i was crying earlier because i am so jealous or her. its not good. i was the baseball girlfriend. and now she is. shes doing everything i should be doing. and she doesnt seem to care about me whatsoever anymore. since when do friends pick their boyfriends parents over other friends? i dunno. thats fucked to me. life will go on if i dont go. but still..its a big game it'd be so fun. im willing to drive. no one wants to drive for an hour to a boring baseball game, but i do. its more to me that just a car ride and a stupid baseball game. its so much fun. the excitement the guys show. the dancing on the field and singing in the dugout. its amazing. i miss drew more than ever if you cant tell. i dont even know if anyone reads this. im just writing for the hell of it...but yeah, thats my story. i'm desperate to ride with anyone. im gonna try and work something out. the game isnt till 5 but i kinda want to leave early and go shop in albertville. beat traffic. i dont know. i'm gonna be upset if i dont go. be ready for me to be upset. cuz it will come.

someone call me if you want to go. blah. blah. blah. fuck. fuck. fuck.

From: (Anonymous)
2004-06-18 05:35 pm (UTC)

Re: haha you rock

People do read this but that isnt why you should be writing in here... its about getting how you feel out not foe other people to read about your life
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[User Picture]From: kisses_in_rain
2004-06-18 06:25 pm (UTC)

Re: haha you rock

were you talking to me or allison? cause....mine had nothing to do about getting my feelings out or anything that you wrote about. i dont think you know how to work live journal....
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