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hello! i just got home from my soccer game this morning. we played… - justbehappy [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jun. 20th, 2004|12:47 pm]
[mood |meh]

hello! i just got home from my soccer game this morning. we played wayzata...mmm...we lost..by like 4.. or more.. im not sure. it was a good game, but they were amazing. i had to just stop and watch them a few times, because they move the ball so well.

anyways, last night, i went to eric olsons grad. party and it was pretty fun. i love him. his baby pictures were the cutest ive ever seen. ever. blonde hair. CUTE! ahh. all his musical pics and whatnot. he made an effort to really talk to me and zwebs. so that was nice of him. tom was there, with brittany bogel i think...are they going out?

then we went to tim's. we pulled up as katie was leaving. god, just our cars passing makes this awkward as hell. we went in and i just didnt not want to let go of tim. i know he felt the same somewhat. i mean come on! we hadnt seen each other for like 2 weeks. thats SOOO long. we sat around and talked to him and some of his friends that i dont really know. jack mccalpin was there so that was funny. at first i didnt think he was hot at all, buut later in the night, i was thinking, hes not too bad. tim introduced me to everyone though, basically shouting my name just to embarass me. it was cute, but i turned red. said hi to johnny, tims brother. who by the way i officially have a big crush on...i have since 9th grade, when he was a senior in my german class. man, me and britta both..i got to sit by him both semesters. he was ALWAYS late. ALWAYS eating. it was GREAT. herr madden would eat his chips every morning. so yeah, i can see myself with him. hes only like exactly 3 years older than me. he turns 21 and then a month later i turn 18. so its nothing TOOOOO big. hm. we'll see. its just a fling, but i can hope right?!?!

later last night, i picked up britta and we drove around and went to noodles. talked a lot. it was a good time. ilove her. shes a great friend.

but yeah, im being yelled at to help clean because the whole family is coming over in an hour and i still havent showered...so i better go!!!

p.s. dont forget about the fathers day softball game at church tonight!!!